Drudge Report vs President Trump

Drudge report is one of the most successful websites on the internet. Drudge report is full of great headlines from various sources. The Drudge Report was created by Matthew Drudge. He currently has one person who is working as the content manager. Matt Drudge enjoys spending time writing content and creating headlines about your favorite celebrities and politicians. Drudge report first became famous during the time Bill Clinton cheated on his wife with a trick by the name of Monica. Drudge Report stated that the former president received a very delightful blow job from the home wrecker.  

People begin to take notice of the Drudge Report and the number of visitors begin to grow at a rapid rate. Drudge Report is now one of the most visited websites on the internet, thanks to google. Drudge is an internet pioneer and legend who started his website with his HTML skills. Drudge kept the same design for years and people are still making their way to his website for the great topics and headlines. Drudge spent a lot of time on Donald Trump. He did not support any of Donald Trump’s views.

The creator of the Drudge Report is a millionaire with luxury homes all over the world. He currently lives in a wonderful mansion and he spends less than 2 hours a day monitoring his website to prevent cyber-attacks. Drudge Report have had a major impact on this election as well as previous elections. Drudge is the king of content and scandal. He has been keeping tabs on your favorite celebrities for years. Drudge will continue to make history with his wonderful website because it is what he loves to do. The Drudge Report started as a hobby and it has taken off from there. Drudge Report provide links to various websites using specialized headlines. The world will continue to indulge in the fine content of Matt Drudge and his handy dandy workers.