Kylie Jenner shows sexy pictures

Kylie and Tyga are back again and we know he is hitting it raw dog. Kylie did something very special for Tyga on his birthday. She showed the whole world her plastic tits on Instagram and wished tyga a happy birthday. That sound like a really nice gift Kylie. You should have purchased a brand new Bentley for the rap star. That would have been better. Everyone in the world knows Tyga is hitting you bare back. The two are doing very well in their loving relationship and they are truly in love. Let’s just hope everything work out together.

Tyga’s baby momma is dating her brother so this could turn out very tragic in the long run. We do not believe that tyga and Kylie will settle down and get married. Kylie is too much of a free spirit. She wants to view the world and see what it must offer because she is curious. A woman her age want to test the waters and see how much cock she can get before she turns 35. Young women like the cock and a rich young woman will have more options because she could date a football player, basketball player, hockey player, singer, actor, comedian and more. Kylie is already in the Hollywood scene and she knows there are a lot of men out there. Tyga may be good in the bed but can he control his bitches? Tyga is falling in love with that tight Jenner vagina but will it keep him for banging some bad bitches. Only time will

We wish tyga and kylie the best in their relationship. Hope everything work out for the cute couple. It would be nice to see them get married. Bruce Jenner could walk her down the aisle and hand her off to Tyga. That would be a nice multimillion dollar wedding.